Individual Speech Training

Individual training is for professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a drive to make a difference in the world. Do you have a message to deliver but aren’t yet an expert at talking to a crowd? Do you want to make an impression in your professional life or become a more effective communicator in your private life? Our project based one-on-one sessions, walk you through all the aspects of public speaking you need to develop your strengths.

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Group Presentation Trainings

Our group courses for business communicators and influencers focus on the processes and tools to create great speech and presentation content. Do you or others in your organization spend hours preparing for a presentation but still don’t feel confident that your audience is fully engaged, informed, and persuaded? Do you want to know how to spend less time preparing but still generate action, motivation, and inspiration in your audience?

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Executive Speech Coaching

One-on-one speech coaching for executive leaders begins with what skills you already have and what results you want to achieve. Do you need to write or prepare for a critical presentation? Or do you need to polish your existing skills so that you can win commitment and inspire action with less effort than ever before? We are dedicated to working with corporate professionals to push them to the next level of effective public speaking performance.

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